Fun Facts About Berlin

Are you planning to visit Berlin? Do not hesitate. However, before you take a step to do so, there are some facts about the place which you need to know. Here are some of the fun facts about Berlin.

1. Berlin is the capital city of Germany

Berlin is just not like any other city in Germany. It is the capital city. Being the capital city, there are varieties of things you can be sure you cannot lack in Berlin. It has the best restaurants and governmental offices. Most of your problems while in Germany can be solved once you get to Berlin. And they have the most outrageous Halloween party activity ideas for adults!

2. Berlin has the largest train station in Europe

You can imagine how big Europe is. Now Berlin has the largest train station in the whole of Europe. This means that the train is the most means of transport. While in Berlin, you can never be stranded on the means of transportation to use. It does not matter the art of Europe that you want to connect to. The train is always there for you.

3. It is the only city with three active opera houses

It sounds as though you didn’t know about this before. Now you know. It is the only city in the world with existing opera houses. The three houses include Berliner Staatsoper, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, and the Komische Oper. They can reach to about 4,411 audiences at the same time in their presence. You should visit these houses while in Berlin.

4. It has over 180 km of navigable waterways

Yes, you are tired of using road and airways? You can try using the waterways to get the experience. In Berlin, you can enjoy a long distance of over 180km in the waterways. Once you get to Berlin either as a local or an international tourist, you should make use of the waterways.

5. There are nine castles in Berlin

Some of the famous castles among the nine in Berlin are the Schloss Charlottenburg and Kopenicker Schloss. These are attractive sites in Berlin which you should see while in Berlin. You may not see such places in any other city in German.